You know you need a website.

But when it comes to your website,
there's no need to be frustrated.

If you are a small business owner without a website or with an outdated website, then I probably don’t need to tell you that not having an effective web presence is probably hurting your business. What I DO want to tell you is this: I get it. Life is busy. Your work is busy. To try and navigate the choices and differences you face when trying to build a website can be daunting and frustrating. To an extent, it’s almost like walking onto the lot at a car dealership and only knowing that you need a vehicle. The options that the salesman tries to explain to you confuse you, frustrate you, and then cause you to leave without a purchase – because you still don’t know what you REALLY NEED. In the same way, web developers can often try to sell you on all of the bells and whistles of a super-duper website, but you easily get lost in the maze of terms like HTML, CSS, WordPress, CMS, and others.
Are you ready to see what EllieGirl can do for you?
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We believe that building a website
should be simple and easy.

Perhaps you’ve taken the first step and tried to manage your website on your own with a tool like Wix or SiteBuilder. Or, even worse, you hired someone that is actually making the website building process more difficult and frustrating – so you let them go, and am now left with a half-built website and no clue how to finish it yourself.

Building a website should be simple and easy. After all, that’s what I do – it’s not part of your job description! There really isn’t a need for you to get bogged down in the details of how things run. What you need is something to get done so that you can grow your business – something that doesn’t take a ton of time and effort on your part, and definitely something that doesn’t frustrate you and make you want to scream running in the other direction.

It's time to stop procrastinating.

Because I want to make sure that each project gets my undivided attention, I only take on a certain number of clients per month. Spots won’t last, so make sure that you click on the link below so we can chat and get started in building your future. 
What are you waiting for?
Imagine what your business could do with an online presence that reflects how amazing and wonderful your business really is. The next step is yours.



WordPress installation
Up to 5 static pages
Contact Form
Best for
Brand new business owners who are just getting started.


WordPress installation
Up to 5 static pages
Blog Setup
Custom Databases
Contact Form
Best for
Established businesses or newer businesses with an expanded portfolio of work.
starting at


WordPress installation
Up to 5 static pages
Blog Setup
Custom Databases
E-Commerce Configuration
Contact Form
Best for
Established businesses or newer businesses who want to dream big and see their business take off.
starting at



Hosting is, simply put, the rent you pay for your website to live on the internet. Our hosting packages all include hosted e-mail accounts, daily site backups, realtime virus and malware protection, and personal support.

Prices starting at $30 per month

domain registration

All websites are given a web address that is a mix of several numbers and characters. A domain name simplifies the process by allowing you to have an easy to remember address, such as “,” and forwards the user’s computer to the proper address.

Prices starting at $25 per year

Stock Images

At EllieGirl, we work hard to make sure that all of our clients’ sites abide by federal copyright laws. In recent years, companies like Getty Images have begun searching out businesses who use their stock photography without purchasing it. All of our images are licensed for your use, should we need them.

Prices starting at $10 per image

E-mail Marketing

As a certified MailChimp agency, we have the ability to set your business up with a fully managed email marketing system. Take signups, distribute and manage your opt-in process, and more from your account!

Prices starting at $210
  • Beth Bridges

    The Networking Motivator
    Clovis, California
    I've worked with Ellie on a lot of design and web design projects and I happily hope to keep working with her on many more in the future...
    You'll get your project done, done well, on time and ... you'll enjoy the process which can be a rare treat in the web design world!
  • Krista Beavers

    Guardian Accounting, Inc.
    Clovis, California
    Ellie was fast and made designing my materials seem effortless.  The best part is knowing I can completely trust her to ensure my materials represent my company professionally and beautifully!"
  • Mia Frances-Poulin

    Mia Francis-Poulin
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    I just finished a branding and logo creation project with Ellie, and you cannot go wrong! She helped me gain so much clarity about my brand and 10/10 will be working with her again."
  • Kayla Pendleton

    Kayla Pendleton Marketing
    Nashville, Tennessee
    I have worked with Ellie on several of my clients website projects, and she is amazing! The sites are flawless and perform well for SEO. She is a great designer.
    Highly recommend!"
  • I find myself very fortunate to have connected with Ellie. Now that I have launched Assured Senior Living Solutions, I am very proud of the design and development of my printed materials.  This allows me the confidence to present my business to the community."
  • Valerie Leuchtmann

    Aries Holistics
    Sanger, California
    Ellie has been blessing to work with. I am so glad I was guided to her sweet soul and patient nature. She was able to rein in my many visions, ideas and bring forth a beautiful identity for Aries Holistics that truly resonates with what Aries Holistics is about."

Ready for Action?

Okay, you've read the reviews, you've seen some of our work, and you know that you need to take the next step if you want to be successful with your business.  Yes, you could do it yourself, but you also know that the technology scares you.  You want to dream big, but those barriers are daunting.  So let's talk about it.  I get it.  

There's absolutely NO obligation to take this step - just you deciding to take that initiative.  
So... are you ready?  Let's dream, and dream big.
Yes, I'm ready!  Let's do this!

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