So you're a business owner.

Yes, you!  You are part of a community of extraordinary people who are choosing your own success path.  I know you’ve got some amazing ideas. I feel your passion - the fact that you have something that people need. You've dreamed of doing something big in the world, but... you're missing an audience.
I've been there, and I know that it’s killing your spirit because people aren’t finding what you have to offer.  Perhaps you're wondering how much longer you can keep going, and if you should give up and get a ::gasp:: real job.

Most importantly, I see you.

I'm Ellie Dote, owner and CEO of EllieGirl, where I help small business owners change the way they are seen by helping to build them targeted brands, websites, and strategies that work for them instead of against them.
You know you need a website.  Perhaps you have one but it's been a while, and the thought of trying to figure out how to edit it scares the bejeesus out of you.

I also know that you can’t afford to spend months on building a website: the seemingly endless emails and edits that take time away from the customers you do have. Been there, done that.

You need something now.

You need something that's going to help bring you business.  Something that's not outdated and something that isn't daunting or costly to update.
So what if I told you that I’ve created a process that will help get your website project done in as little as two weeks - with a change in mindset that can completely change EVERYTHING for you?
Yes!  I want to know more!
Here's a glimpse at how we do it...

Strategy Planning

We'll work with you to map out some measurable goals, and then figure out the paths that your visitors will take to get there.

Client Research

Nobody understands your customers better than you. Understanding them and what they respond to means we work with you to craft messages that don't just say what you do, but entices them to take the action you want.

Website Mapping & Build

Combining your goals with your messaging, we'll map out and build the pages of your website accordingly.


Before we hand the website over to you, we'll show you exactly how it works so you're comfortable keeping it up to date without fear.

All in two to four weeks.

Some of our previous clients include

Will this work for me?

Truth be told, this intensive program isn't for everyone, and I understand that.  Our clients come into this with many different situations, and life is crazy when you're trying to balance life, home, kids, and a business. What I've developed is what years of experience have taught me is best as an ADHD creative, and I know that taking advantage of that hyperfixation mode is where the best work gets done.
One of our highest values at EllieGirl is identity.  As an Queer & Trans-owned business, I know all too well the pressure that is put on us to meet expectations that might not reflect our authentic selves. Making sure your brand and website are an accurate reflection of you and your story while effectively communicating that to your target audience is our passion, and our process helps to bring that out.

The first step is free

Because I feel so strongly about brand identity being essential to a business' success, I want to make sure that you receive a complimentary copy of my Branding 101 workbook.  This guide will walk you step by step through a series of exercises that will help reveal the brand that most resonates with you and who you are wanting to reflect to the world.
This workbook is not only a labor of love for me, but an opportunity for you to experience the process that we embark on with our web design process.  I firmly believe that this workbook can be revolutionary in how you understand and embrace your business' identity both internally and visually, and it's yours -- just for the asking.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Our website process starts at $6,000, with a non-refundable security deposit of 50% due when you reserve your two-week time slot.  As a business that exists to create social change, we offer limited partial hardship scholarships for marginalized business owners.  If you would like to apply for a scholarship, or if you would like to donate towards that fund, please reach out to us at
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