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Ellie Dote

Meet Ellie, Lead Storyteller

One of my favorite songs begins with the words, “The Storyteller spins a web – of rainbow colors, green and red, of brightest yellow, deepest blue, of dreams of every shape and hue…” In my years as a designer and musician, I have found that the key ingredient to capturing your audienece is the ability to tell a good story. It’s one of the reasons why Disney Parks exceed any other theme park expectation. People love a good story. And your brand or event is no different.

Over twenty years of experience – listening and learning – have brought me to a place of design and musicianship that sets me apart from other designers in the industry. The key to finding and capturing your audience is to learn where their heart is, and then coming to the understanding that you have the key to it. The world is at your fingertips – are you ready to unlock it?