The Calico Saloon Show

Client: Knott's Berry Farm

In the Spring of 2008, I was referred to the Entertainment department at Knott’s Berry Farm as they were in need of a pianist for their Calico Saloon Show.  The job entailed a fun mix of piano accompaniment in the style of the old-time saloons mostly improvised from chord charts, as well as a few lines and some singing.

This video showcases the saloon’s summer show, featuring myself as Fingers, Dean Carter as Knuckles, Paul Hanegan as Dakota Dan and Sarah Meals as Cameo Kate.

Some Of The Other Stories I’ve Helped to Tell

David Reed first explained his business concept as this: he wanted to create a free service that would connect people with resources to help them care for their aging parents or partners.  After a little bit of discussion, it became clear to me that his audience was going to run the spectrum of young adults

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In 2014, I worked to create a new logo for the Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame. That logo can be seen in print and web materials, as well as in the proposal for the new Athletic Hall of Fame display to be featured at Fresno State University’s SaveMart Center.

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Part of my job as Graphics/Publications Artist at Fremont Community Church was to support the church’s Student Ministries position. One of my first tasks was to create a logo and print material for the annual See You At The Pole rally.

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New Wrinkles Presents: "A Tribute to the Silver Screen"

For almost 30 years, the folks at New Wrinkles have been entertaining sold-out audiences at Fresno City College. It’s an eclectic group of 55 and older who spend much of their springtime dancing and singing in preparation for the show that has come to be known as “one of the year’s top 20 arts and cultural offerings.”

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